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Horse and rider
What Others Say About Us:

After four years and five riding instructors, I was starting to suspect that all area trainers were lacking in organization, taught skills without logic, presented contradictory instruction, and lacked detail. Or was it me? I always felt confused and incompetent as a rider. Then I was referred to Debbie by a friend who had taken riding lessons at Two Bar Training. What a difference! I’ve learned more in the past couple months than in the prior four years put together. And I am feeling good about my riding, invigorated and optimistic. I call Deb my ‘treasure trainer’ of Arizona.

What Debbie will do for you:

  • Determine your riding goals
  • Assess the skill level of you and your horse
  • Design a training plan and discuss it with you
  • Break down each maneuver into achievable segments
  • Offer instruction based on foundation basics, then build logically from there

Who Debbie is:

  • An exceptionally skilled horsewoman
  • Very knowledgeable in horse anatomy and spirit
  • Articulate in her instruction
  • Highly observant of the nuances of riding
  • A confidence builder
  • Very personable, and fun to be around

Want to hear more? Call Nancy at 480-983-4410.

Dear Debbie

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into training "Cheyenne." I brought her to your ranch as a young untrained filly, not much more than halter broke, and picked her up a few months later as a more mature, calm, broke mare. I really appreciate you not just training her, but also taking the time to "train" me. Thanks for showing me exactly what to expect from her, and how I can achieve the best results. I love how you are gentle but firm with her, never expecting too much or too little. I am also very appreciative that you worked with her on other things besides riding; like lunging, trailering, bathing, clipping, working with her feet, etc. I have never worried about her, because I knew she was in excellent hands, getting premium care, professional training, and lots of love.

I really want to thank you as well for tuning up, advertising, and selling Jackson for me. I couldn't have done it without you. You really took a load off my shoulders, and I know that he has gone to a good, loving home.

Thank you so Much,

Erin Ritland

On a crisp morning in July 2010 in the beautiful White Mountains of Nutrioso, Arizona was my first day with Debbie Fogle of Two Bar Training. My first horse riding lessons for the next two weeks. I have never taken lessons from an instructor before. I was at the age of 6 when my uncles had horses on our dairy farm and they would sit me on a horse and say "go!" Self learning was my only experience with riding after leaving the farm at age eleven and my parents moving us to the city. I was a little girl in love with horses and had all the plastic horses to prove my love for them. My life had changed away from my childhood passion of horses to my new responsibilities of adulthood and family.

Now in my forties and living in Goodyear Arizona my family and I plan our yearly summer camping vacation. Big Lake, AZ is our favorite summer getaway from the summer heat. I was referred by Kym Johnson of X-Diamond Ranch that Debbie Fogle was the best in the area. Kym's recommendation couldn't be better.

Debbie Fogle combines a unique module in her riding instructions. Yoga! My husband had ask me "How does she get the yoga mat on the horse?" A good giggle and off I go for my first day.

I was amazed at how yoga had changed my personal awareness of my body and finding my independent seat in the saddle. Relaxed, energized, aware of self, and feeling the horse underneath me become part of me. Even the horse breathing became part of me. I had learned the correct lead, sitting trot and posting trot the correct way without tension throughout my body. Becoming part of the horse in a free relaxed state of mind and spirit. No tension and riding without holding onto the pommel.Debbie has a way of communicating to the rider that reminds you to let go of your fears and clear your mind. Breath and count with the steps of the horse. I could feel the tension in my body relax throughout every limb. I can feel the breeze, smell the sweet fresh air, and let my thoughts feel the natural movement with the horse. Every lessons was an extraordinary experience. I felt energized after every lesson. The best part was the horse and I in a mutual understanding of each other as a partner and a good rider.

Thank you Debbie Fogle for making me a confident and good rider. I can't wait to visit again!

Tracy Hulson - Goodyear, AZ

Dear Debbie,

I don't even know where to begin. What you have done for my Daisy, I could never thank you enough. I brought you a 2 year old that I had raised from 4 months old and I'm sure was spoiled, badly. Being separated from her was very hard, even being a mile away. Your reassurance and compassion made it easy to leave her with you.

The training started with you sharing everything with us. Her diet and grooming were considered and worked on from the start. Horses were something I knew nothing about. Daisy was like a big dog to me, you showed me differently. You were gentle yet firm and she respected you. Each week, I learned from you while watching your training. The weekly sessions were lessons I will never forget. Daisy became more devoted with a stronger bond and desire to please.

I am looking forward to the spring when Daisy and I can work further with you. Your style of training of consistence, repetition and patience has endeared us to you for future training. Thank you so very much, Debbie, from the bottom of my heart. If you ever need references of any kind, feel free to give our name and number. You are truly a wonderful trainer and friend.

Dave & Sherry French, Nutrioso

Debbie started several young Trakehners for me. She is finely tuned in to the needs of these horses. She creates a solid training foundation and builds on it from groundwork to under saddle work. Her competence shines through her horses. I was very pleased at how well the young horses went after just a few rides. She has done a great job.

Pamela Harris
Moonwink Farms

I live in rural Nevada, but we spend our summers in Nutrioso and bring our horses with us in order to ride the beautiful trails. I recently purchased a just-started Mustang to bring along as my next trail horse. When I saw a flyer about Debbie Fogle's horse training services I thought this could be a good way to get a good balanced start with my young horse. So in addition to careful trail riding, I took a number of riding lessons with Debbie and I was very pleased with the whole experience.

Debbie assessed the needs, abilities and level of the horse, considered what my desires were for this horse and checked out my own riding abilities and skills. From that she put together a plan based on the time we had and the goals we thought we could achieve. She communicated well with me and never made me feel inadequate or uncomfortable (as trainers often unknowingly do). I've been to a variety of clinics over the years and have had the occasional lesson with different trainers, not ever quite grasping the details, somehow missing something, but not knowing what. Debbie was able to bring it all together for me so I could understand the "what, how and why" of foundation training basics. Now I feel I can go home to Nevada and work both on the ground and in the saddle with a plan and some good "homework" exercises.

All of the above wouldn't matter much if Debbie weren't such a safety conscious teacher. No matter what, Debbie considers the safety of the horse and rider and gives safety instruction along the way. If I had children I would trust them with Debbie and would rest easy knowing they were being taught the correct, safe, way of being around those big, strong, beautiful animals.

Georgia Kinninger

Debbie Fogle trained and sold a 5 year old paint gelding for me. She has given me riding lessons, and judged the schooling horseshow I put on for my city. I have used several trainers in my life. Debbie is the most professional, well-informed and hard working trainer I have ever had. I won't ever take a horse anywhere else. Not only will she train your horse, she will train you to ride it!

Vicki Avery
Cuttersedge Ranch

My neighbor told me about Debbie and the riding lessons that she was taking from her. I knew that she trailered her horse over to Debbie's for her riding lesson and I thought that is what I have to also do. That in itself scared me because we had a 4-horse trailer that I had never hooked it up let alone pulled it, that was something my husband always did. So, instead of calling Debbie and explaining my situation I let a year go by. That was a big mistake on my part.

I had a horse that had problems and I was trying to solve them myself. I got some books and read them and talked with my neighbor, but the biggest problem was me. I was a very inexperience horse person and all I was doing was getting more upset and scared of my 7 year old gelding. I made a call to Debbie and my life with horses was about to change. I told Debbie of my problem with my horse and what I wanted to accomplish.

After seeing my horse, Debbie thought it would be a very good idea that my horse go to her ranch so she could work with him several times a week. I would go once a week and have my riding lesson. The end result after 2 months was that my horse was not the right horse for me. I was sad about that, but I knew that Debbie was right. Debbie said she would help me sell him and she would help me find another horse. Debbie kept my horse at her ranch, placed ads and fliers on him, and showed him when people called. We found a good home for him on a working cattle ranch. His new owner was happy to have him.

The next was a new horse. Not an easy task. We looked and saw some horses, but nothing worked. Then Debbie told me of a horse sale in Prescott Valley put on by HorseBreakers Unlimited. They posted all their horses on the internet and we both started our search. We had a list of horses when we headed for the sale. It was an intense 2 days. She looked at all the horses we were interested in, talked with the owners and I listened. We narrowed it down to 2 horses. Debbie knew which one she liked and she asked me which one I would like to take home.

We agreed and then waited to bid on him. How exciting and scary that was. Was he going to go outside my price range and then I would go home empty handed. Debbie did the bidding a couple of bids later I am a proud owner a registered, Buckskin, Quarter Horse gelding. He is 12 years old and he and I are great friends.

With Debbie's help I have learned a lot about horses. My new horse, Max and I are learning about each other. I understand more about horse's behavior and what I need to do to be safe. I got rid of the 4-horse trailer and bought a 2-horse slant, which I hook-up, load my horse and pull to Debbie's for my riding lessons.

I still have lots that I want to learn but when you have someone by your side that listens to you, helps you and that you trust it makes a world of difference. When I think I almost gave up and decided not to ride anymore because of my fear, what a mistake that would have been.

Thank You, Debbie
Beth Pugh

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