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Taking riding lessons is a great way to gain confidence and get the most from your horse. I have enjoyed spending the past 20 years helping riders of all disciplines evolve into confident, knowledgeable horsemen. From beginning riders to aspiring world champions, I can help you set and achieve your horse related goals.

Lessons are available both English and Western and are tailored to meet the needs and goals of individual riders and horses. Each lesson will last approximately 1 hour and you can use your horse or one of our well-trained horses. Both private and group lessons are available and lessons can also be scheduled at your facility, call for a price quote.

  • Private Lesson w/your horse ~ $40 ea.
  • Private Lesson w/our horse ~ $50 ea.
  • Group Lesson w/your horse ~ $25 ea.

Two Bar Training accepts horses in training for a wide variety of disciplines and we have a basic Colt Starting Package. Problem horses are accepted on an individual basis. Full care board and training is available on a monthly basis with a 2 month minimum for starting colts. Each horse is consistently worked or ridden 5 days a week and with only a limited number of horses accepted each month, Two Bar Training can maintain a very high level of care and training. We are proud to use only those training methods supported by the horse industry in the name of good horsemanship. Cruel and abusive methods are neither used nor tolerated.

Full Care Board & Training ~ $650 per month and includes a weekly riding lesson.


Buying or selling a horse can be a very overwhelming experience and many people don't know where to start. Two Bar Training can be a big help when it comes to finding your next dream horse or selling your current horse. We have compiled years of resources to help take a lot of the work out of buying and selling horses.

Two Bar Training also takes sale horses on consignment. These horses are marketed and shown in a very professional manner. A variety of advertising techniques are employed and with our solid reputation, people know that when they come to Two Bar Training they will find quality horses that are honestly represented. Contact us for pricing on finding your dream horse or cosigning your sale horses.


In addition to Lessons and Training, I am available to judge horse shows. I am certified through Colorado State University to judge 4-H shows and have years of experience judging open shows and county fairs.

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